Driving Change
Saudi alumna’s gift launches new Global Health Program
Yell O in Bronze
Gift from donors Molly and Tom Clarey adds new campus landmark
Uncommon Commons
Donors boost $17 million renovation of Price Science Commons and Research Library
Support's Cool for School
So many worthy areas to give -- what rings true for you?
Decade of the Duck
Oregon Athletics benefits from donations to the Duck Athletic Fund

Our Campaign Priorities

Expanding Access
Your scholarship gift creates opportunities for the best and brightest students, regardless of background, to pursue their dreams.
Showcasing Excellence
Our faculty is our most important asset. Learn how faculty support helps us to secure and retain brilliant, innovative, and inspiring faculty members.
Building the Experience
Thanks to donors, we are building the facilities, infrastructure, and centers that will allow curiosity and achievement to flourish.
Finding a Better Way
Through world-class academic programs, the UO challenges students, shares new knowledge, and offers real-world learning opportunities.

Donor Spotlight

Newest Duck a Donor Gift
Two generations of alumni team up to create the newest campus landmark
Secure Future for Finance
A new gift from dedicated Ducks will secure stability for the Finance and Securities Analysis Center (video)
Market Share
Roger and Robin Best gave $1 million to reward business PhD students for research, publishing, and teaching excellence.