Student Life

Not all learning happens in class. UO students learn many of their most valuable lessons beyond the classroom.

For some, it’s leading a student group and managing a budget. For others, it’s coordinating an outdoor trip, organizing an event, or participating in student government. The examples are as diverse as our student body.

We give Ducks many different ways to get their feet wet and spread their wings. Far from extracurricular, these opportunities are an important part of college. They don’t happen by accident.

The Division of Student Life works to create a safe, supportive environment that’s full of activity. By creating well-planned, intentional spaces and leadership opportunities, we help students get involved with their university and their community.

Your gift to Student Life benefits all students, regardless of their majors. There are many exciting opportunities to support health and wellness, leadership opportunities, and career support for all UO students. The impact of your gift will extend across the university, and through the lives of our graduates.

Learn more about the Division of Student Life and gift opportunities, contact:

Director of Development