Research and Innovation

Research means looking at the world around us. Innovation means transforming it. At the UO, research and innovation are fundamental to our mission and our state’s economy.

As one of only two Pacific Northwest universities in the prestigious Association of American Universities, we have a proven track record.

We can trace this tradition of research and innovation back to the 1950s, when we created the Institute of Molecular Biology. You might say interdisciplinary research is part of our DNA.

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary

The UO is home to over 60 research institutes and centers, which bring together an array of fields, from humanities and social sciences to physical sciences and technical fields.

Leaders in our research centers are uniting different disciplines to work on society’s most vexing problems—conducting both fundamental and applied research to improve our communities, find ways to live more sustainably, and explore the origins of the universe. These are just a few of many examples.

Together, these centers attract a majority of the university’s external grant funding as well as top faculty members. They give students (including undergraduates) opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research.

Make an Impact

These centers make discoveries. Then they apply them to change our lives—and the world. An investment in this research and innovation is an investment in our future.

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Matt Hutter
Director of Development