Some of the most effective and far-reaching gifts are those that create endowments. Endowed funds are critical to the financial stability of the University of Oregon by providing both a current and future revenue stream that lasts in perpetuity. The Board approves an annual distribution amount that is made available for spending while the balance remains invested within a pool of similar funds to maximize returns with a prudent level of risk. The goal is to provide a relatively stable revenue stream to the University while maintaining the purchasing power of the endowment over time

As of June 30, 2017, the market value of the UO’s endowment—the largest of Oregon’s public universities—surpassed $775 million. Since 2002, it has more than quadrupled in size through a combination of strong UO fundraising and UO Foundation investment performance.

The UO Foundation’s investment performance over the last 10 years places it among the top 25 percent of similar institutions nationwide. Learn more about the UO Foundation's endowment policies and investment performance.

Creating an Endowment

An endowment can be created through an outright gift or pledge, through a bequest in a will, or through a life income gift such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. If you are interested in establishing an endowed fund, please contact the development staff person in your area of interest or call 541-346-2113.