UO Ambassador

University of Oregon Ambassadors tell the UO story, spread excitement for the university’s goals and pursuits, and foster commitment to the school, its people, and its brand. They provide vision for how things could be and have a knack for meeting like-minded individuals through their associations and contacts.

University of Oregon Ambassadors continually demonstrate their willingness to commit their time and resources to the advancement and betterment of the University and those it serves. They are highly connected, highly engaged representatives of the UO. They are leaders, innovators, and mentors.

What do University of Oregon Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors make a difference as they inspire growth, facilitate progress and push the university in new and exciting directions by providing help through at least two of the below options during the course of the year.

  • Help recruit the best and brightest students from across the country to attend the university
  • Share wisdom and experience with students as a panelist or keynote speaker
  • Mentor a university student
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Lobby on behalf of the university
  • Serve as a sounding board for university leadership
  • Answer the call to serve as representatives and share the university's mission
  • Recruit other volunteers and encourage support of the university
  • Work with the Office of Stewardship to develop their own unique Ambassador undertaking

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Attend the Ambassadors on Campus event each fall

These two days of valuable social, educational, and volunteer training sessions illuminate current university activities and priorities. UO Ambassadors benefit from the opportunity to expand their institutional knowledge while connecting with university leadership, faculty and students. They also get to take advantage of special access and VIP treatment exclusive to Ambassadors.

Nominate future UO Ambassador members

Through their respected standing and trustworthy judgement, Ambassadors are granted the chance to nominate other deserving leaders to future University of Oregon Ambassadorships.

Who can be a University of Oregon Ambassador?

  • Former University of Oregon and Foundation trustees, past university advisory board members, and donors who are not currently serving on a volunteer board and are annual supporters of the university at the President’s Society level
  • Founders Society members and/or past volunteer leaders
  • Nominated by a current UO Ambassador

Current Ambassador Roster

How do I become a University of Oregon Ambassador?

Ready to answer the Duck call? Click here to join the UO Ambassadors.

If you have questions, please e-mail Ann Greenfield or call 541-346-8048.