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Ducks Take Manhattan

Donor couple helps top journalism students take an O-shaped bite out of the Big Apple


Group Think

Faculty cluster hires launch research efforts to advance new fields and benefit society, thanks to the university’s emphasis on faculty hiring and donor contributions


All Ducks Win

There have always been connections between athletics donors and academics donors—an alliance that is not always easy to see without looking at the numbers.


Not Just Off the Shelf

Thanks to donors, work-study positions at the UO Libraries help students and the entire university

Philanthropy Files


Your UO Investment in Good Hands

UO Foundation CIO honored among nation’s top 30 endowment chief investment officers


UO "Teaching Hospital" Gets Boost

A $6 million gift from the Quest Fund will enable the UO's College of Education to help more families, train more clinicians, and advance the university’s bold plans for the clinic’s future. 


Building a More Diverse Campus

Through the work of the Division of Equity and Inclusion, the UO is taking steps toward a better future.

Ways to Give


Support Black Cultural Center

Your gift to the UO’s Black Cultural Center will help us build a place of scholarship and a cultural and social hub.


Help Ducks Fly Abroad

Your gift helps Ducks take their education from Eugene to Latin America, Europe, Asia, or Africa—anywhere the Romance languages are spoken. 


Promote Excellence Through Inclusion

Your gift to the Diversity Fund helps the UO’s Division of Equity and Inclusion create a diverse, welcoming campus and remove barriers to a college degree.