Profiles in Excellence

Deep in the woods, where green is color and chemistry, between mountains and ocean, there's a special breed of Ducks who are motivated by curiosity and the need to find a better way. Click through the profiles below and meet some of the curious, inquisitive, collaborative Ducks who are asking big questions, finding new answers, and making the world better with the help of dedicated donors like you.
Joy of Giving to Scholarships (video)
Video: UO Foundation board chair reflects on how inspiration and gratitude led to giving and leadership.
Start It Up
How does an architecture student become cofounder of a $5 billion startup?
The Art of Changing Lives
It's a long way from the football field to the art studio. But the opportunities there made an impact on Tony Washington.
Extreme Advising (video)
Josh Snodgrass studies the health of indigenous peoples in some pretty extreme places. And here in his lab, he works with incoming Ducks.
Creating a Climate of Curiosity
How can students approach big topics like climate change through the arts and humanities? Stephanie LeMenager has some ideas.
Interpreting Success (video)
With help from scholarships, here's a student who's riding her talents, intellect, and a longboard on the road to big dreams.
Creating the Invisible

You can't see it, but you can hear it. What Jeffrey Stolet and his students do in Future Music Oregon is pretty special.

Wonder Woman

When you’re an SOJC student focusing on journalism, here we call you a Super J. It’s a fitting title for Samantha Matsumoto.

Road Less Traveled

For Matthew Pittman, the long and winding road to a PhD has taken some unusual turns. 

Expect the Unexpected
The UO is where you can try new things and explore murky waters while you discover your major—and your calling. 
Duckin' Bronco

In high school, this Montana cowgirl (and honor student) yearned to be a Duck. Scholarships made it possible.

Love Story

In high school, Julia Reihs fell in love with storytelling. At the UO, she turned her passion into a career.

Fish Hooks Paleobiologist
What secrets doth a sabertooth salmon hold? Edward Davis is determined to find out.
The Joy of Knowing Stuff
What's the one thing Annie Zeidman-Karpinksi, our Singer Science Librarian, likes more than gaining knowledge?
Against All Odds
Thanks to scholarships, Jake Mahon overcame poverty and a rough home life to become a teacher and PhD candidate.
From Good to Grand (video)

Music was the path for Priscilla to come to Oregon. But it also took help from family, friends, and scholarships.

Serving Beyond Duty (video)
Pat Tillman had the courage to follow his conscience. His life inspired grad student and Tillman scholar Matt McCallum.
Brave New Virtual Worlds (video)
Virtual reality. Just for nerds, right? This J-school prof has discovered some unexpected applications for the new technology.
Environmental Justice for All

Ashley Carter came to Oregon from Yale to pursue a global response to climate change. And shoot some hoops.

Start Your Engines (of Opportunity)
How is entrepreneurship like racing cars? That's one insight John Dimmer shares with business students.