Faculty and Staff

Imagine a university...

that inspires students, takes pride in its beautiful campus, explores new frontiers of research and connects with its community.

There are so many ways that UO faculty and staff help make campus a special place. Of course we come to work every day and give 110%, but we also support our athletic teams by wearing Duck colors on game days. We stay late to help students. We participate in Homecoming activities and make the campus look beautiful each University Day.

But you might not know that a third of us give back every year with a gift of financial support. That's more faculty and staff on our campus who give than most of our peers! I think our current faculty and staff donors say it best:

"This is a great institution because we have the ability to transform lives. But there are many qualified students who can't attend. That's why I give to financial aid and scholarships. We have all been given so much. It's important to give something back."