Ten Ways to Transform Lives

Highlighting some of the ways you can make an impact at the University of Oregon

1 Transform UO Discoveries Into Tomorrow's Businesses
Make a gift to the University Venture Development Fund. A gift benefits faculty members and students, who learn how to turn research and technologies into business opportunities. The university, in turn, receives royalties from successful ventures—income that supports its research, education, and outreach missions.
Contact Shane Giese, 541-346-0918.

2 Excavate Mountains of Data
Qualitative research generates an enormous amount of audio-recorded data that sociological researchers laboriously transcribe into text to find patterns. Cart-mounted workstations equipped with automatic voice recognition software, hardware, and related accessories will shorten this time-consuming process ($4,500 each).
Contact Kat Walsch, 541-346-0044.

3 No Boundaries
Your unrestricted gift to A&AA could support experiential learning opportunities such as internships, conference travel and presentation, and work exhibition; provide essential studio materials and supplies; and enrich learning through visiting experts and lecturers.
Contact Joseph Hunter, 541-346-0386.

4 Step Up to the Podium
Your gift to the Oregon Bach Festival could create the next great choral conductor. Scholarships enable students to learn from Helmuth Rilling in the OBF conducting Master Class.
Contact Patrick Hosfield, 541-346-1324.

5 Expand Borders
Cover the cost of one MBA student to experience Engaging Asia, a first-year MBA elective that begins in the classroom, culminates in a twelve-day trip to Beijing and Shanghai, and leaves a lifelong impression.
Contact Tara McMahon, 541-346-4120.

6 Help Transform Allen Hall
The transformation of Allen Hall classrooms, digital labs, collaborative spaces, and equipment will ensure a successful (and exciting) future for the faculty, students, and the journalism and communication professions. More than $6.5 million in gifts have already been received but there is still $1.6 million to go. Naming opportunities are also available.
Contact Kimmy Gustafson, 541-346-2142.

7 Preserve Endangered Northwest Indian Languages
Support a Northwest Indian Languages Institute Scholarship. The Northwest Indian Languages Institute (NILI) provides teachers and community members with training in language teaching and linguistics.
Contact Denise Sorom, 541-346-3903.

8 Be a Patron of the Arts
To enhance the students' academic experience and assist them in making connections in the field, the UO theater arts department seeks to bring artists to campus with expertise in such areas as stage combat, tailoring, acting technique, and playwriting.
Contact Denise Sorom, 541-346-3903.

9 Step Across the Border
Give students in the College of Education the opportunity to build partnerships and advance their studies in a global society. Provide funds to support international travel and help prepare the next generation of educators ($500–$1,000).
Contact Kate Feeney, 541-346-1681.

10 Follow Your Heart
Regardless of your major, interest, or capacity, you can make a difference at the UO with an annual gift: visit isupport.uoregon.edu for details.