Sorority sisters fund classroom for tomorrow’s teachers

 ‘They’re in the Same Building??!!’

The eighteen-member group, nine of whom had careers in teaching, decided to make a collective gift to name a classroom in the new College of Education building complex. The DG sisters contributed a total of $135,000 to the project.

“I think the field of education got some of the most outstanding women of our generation because we didn’t have many other career choices,” says Rosiland Randles Lund ’64, who organized the donation effort along with Andi Bergland Sandstrom ’64. “We had many gifted teachers in our group. We felt we did a good job and we wanted others to have that experience. Obviously, you need a good facility to educate the next generation of teachers.”

Lund says she and her sorority sisters couldn’t believe that today’s College of Education students are going to class in the same outdated facilities that they experienced forty-five years ago. “The recognition we heard over and over—‘They’re in the same building??!!’—resonated really well with the group.”

“We decided we weren’t going to tell anyone how much to give but we wanted to communicate that it wasn’t just a $10 type of thing,” says Lund. “As it turned out, people figured out their own ways to approach it. One member decided to donate the equivalent of her first year’s salary as a teacher. We were just thrilled that everyone got into the spirit of things.”

Other members of the pledge class, besides Lund and Sandstrom, are Sara Davis Anderson, Gina Elliott Biondi, Carla Garrison Cross, Joy Bryson Duncan, Laura Howells Fribbs, Jane Byrum Hoffman, Shelley James King, Diana Miller, Jane Purdy Morris, Susan Baird Ninnis, Alice Fetridge Seigneur, Jan Larson Slawson, Marcia Williams Snidow, Janis Isaacson Thom, Jean Jackson Thomas, Kathy Brandt White, and Ann Loe Wieck.

Part of the UO Delta Gamma class of 1964 at a recent reunion. Top, left to right, Jane Purdy Morris, Shelley James King, Ros Randles Lund, Jean Jackson Thomas, Laura Howells Fribbs, Andi Bergland Sandstrom, Marcia Williams Snidow, Gina Elliot Biondi, and Kathy Brandt White. Bottom, left to right, Sara Davis Anderson, Jan Larson Slawson, Ann Loe Wieck, Jane Byrum Hoffman, and Jan Isaacson Thom.At their last reunion, members of the UO Delta Gamma class of 1964 did more than just exchange stories about health ailments, husbands, children, and grandchildren.